Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Taste Regime

1. Favourite TV show is Scrubs. I watch about 8 hours of TV a week.

2. Digital camera, I mainly take photos of uni work, for assessments, and photos of friends when we're out together or at parties.

3. I would like to drive a car that is easy to maintain and fairly cheap to run. But i also like the look of VW Beetles, both the old and new types.
At the moment I would only get under the bonnet if something went wrong, but when I get my own car I would probably go under the bonnet for occassion maintenance.

4. I currently do not play a musical instrument. However, I did play the piano when I was younger, so I remember the basics.

5. ...

6. I would visit public libraries at least twice a year.

7. Films I have seen in the last year, from favourite to least favourite are - Russian Dolls (cinema), Brokeback Mountain (cinema), Dirty Dancing (DVD rental) and 40 Year Old Virgin (DVD rental).

8. Favourite sport/game to do is dancing (modern ballet etc). Favourite sport/game to watch at the moment is soccer - I have been caught up in the patriotic hype. Otherwise if the World Cup wasnt on, I wouldnt really watch any sports.

9. ...

10. Primary source of news is the radio in the morning while I am getting ready, and then news updates that are on while I'm watching TV.
I like to be up-to-date about national and international news, but only to the extent of the brief news updates that are on the radio/TV.

11. I have never really considered whether the government should spend more or less funding on tax relief, but seeing as I am employed and therefore taxed, I would say that the government should spend more funding on tax relief!
Less funding on sports, because the amount of money poured into sports in Australia is ridiculous - some of that money could be spent better elsewhere.
I am undecided about whether more or less funding should be put into the arts - I have no strong opinion either way.
More funding should be spent on the environment because the natural world needs to be maintained and protected, before it is destroyed by our manmade world.

12. ...

13. I most often meet my friends at each other's houses.


At 21:03, Blogger Emily said...

My guesses for your unanswered questions..

5. Ok this is hard..I'd be inclined to say top 40 (music on the radio)but I think you might also like jazz based on your response about your favourite movies which arent mainstream 'blockbuster' type flicks but more independent/foreign films.

9. Im thinking you might like to see Europe in particular France (based on fav movie)but I think you might also enjoy travelling to more 'natural'parts of the world to see places like Amazon forest.

12. I think you could cope with living in another country for the rest of your life- i'm saying this based on your answer for Q3 which gives me the impression that you are a practical and self-sufficient person which would be useful qualities to have when living in a foreign country. However your comment about 'getting caught up in the patriotic hype' suggests that you'd probably always call Australia home.

I also get the impression that you like practicality and self sufficiency and are probably very organised- you dislike mess. You're concerned about the environment. I'm guessing you prefer not to socialise in bars, clubs because you find them to be rowdy and prefer the more intimate familarity and comfort of hanging out at friend's houses.

At 23:25, Blogger Narae said...

5. From reading the other questions that you have answered I don’t think that you would be the type of person that would be very interested in ‘pop’ music. But after reading your answer to question 8, I can see that maybe you may also like the musical side of modern ballet, classical with a twist, I could also see you enjoying the ‘old school’ type music. But then again after all of that has been said, I do not think that there is just one particular genre of music that you enjoy listening to.

9. I think that you may possibly want to travel to Europe or the States. but just in general I think that you are a really open person and would be really willing to travel anywhere that offers you a new experience. I guessed the idea of Europe because when ever I think of the Buggie car I think Milan, Italy. The other choice was the US; I thought this because your favourite TV shows and most of the films are American. But then I had the thought of you liking dance, so which country has a large dance culture, well both the States and Europe do!

12. Well, I’m quite confident in saying that you are from Australia. But I do not think that you would like to permanently stay away from Australia, you could most definitely travel around the world and live in different countries, but not permanently.

At 16:00, Blogger Kat said...

You seem to be a very well informed individual, with general interest in a lot of things. Your wish to own a car that is 'easy and cheap to maintain' informs me that practicality (in a physical sense rather than aesthetic, as you hate to be labelled 'ordinary') is important to you. I find it strange that you do not currently play an instrument as you enjoy dancing- I identify dance and music closely.
You seem to be quite an analytic type of person, due to your apparent organisation skills- organising your morning scheduale around news on both radio and tv, etc.

In terms of answering some of your questions, I think you enjoy pop/dance music as well as a little melodic rock when your in the mood. Your choice of car somehow makes me associate this to you. Hmmm...as for travel, I think you would be inclined to take a flight to African states, as well as Vietnam and India, simply because your interest in world affairs indicates an apathy for political injustice.

Well there it is, hopefully somewhat accurate!!!! Kat

At 10:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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