Friday, June 23, 2006

My Reflective Response

It was interesting to see that many of the guesses made by different people were similar (although not necessarily correct). Two people (correctly) thought I liked popular music, but also some less mainstream music, which they guessed from my choices of movies and car. This may have influenced Narae’s guess, although she thought my dancing was more influential. This makes me think that she appreciates dance/arts, rather than movies or possessions like cars.

Kat characterised me as organised/informed, and she seems to associate such people with being actively concerned about world events. This led to her (incorrect) guess of me travelling to Africa/Vietnam/India. She may have this association based on people she knows, which would validate her belief, or she may fit the characterisation herself, which she then projected onto me. Two people (correctly) guessed I am organised/self sufficient, but did not associate this with Japan. This is where I’d most like to travel, because I like the Japanese ordered way of life.

Two people (correctly) guessed that I feel connected to Australia. Using this guess, Narae then (correctly) assumed that I would not like to live elsewhere permanently. However, although Emily acknowledged that I ‘call Australia home’, she did not think it significant enough to stop me living elsewhere. This probably reflects her personal thoughts on her homeland/permanent residence, with her dispositions unconsciously influencing her decision concerning my dispositions.