Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blogs Review

Crit blog (2006) offers posts of design criticisms, information about new designs and design related questions that ask readers to leave their comments. Mostly written in first person, the criticisms are highly personal and want the reader to have the same view. ‘I also enjoyed the video for its clever editing, production…’ (Saturday, June 10, 2006 post). Attoe (Methods… n.d.) describes these as characteristics of (impressionistic) interpretive criticism.

The blog sits around Stage 4 of King and Kitchener’s Reflective Judgment Model (Summary of Reflective… n.d.). In this stage of quasi-reflective thinking, evidence is seen as important, but ‘knowledge claims are idiosyncratic to the individual’ (Summary of Reflective… n.d., table 2). The blogger states ‘I thought the overall production (editing and music…) was well done’ (Saturday, June 10, 2006 post). Evidence (editing and music..) is considered, but certainty is mostly justified with the blogger’s idiosyncratic reason of ‘I thought’.

Architectures of Control in Design (ACD) blog criticises many ‘architectures of control’ – designs that ‘intentionally restrict the way the user can behave, or enforce certain modes of behaviour’ (Lockton 2005/06). Within the Reflective Judgment Model (Summary of Reflective... n.d.), this blog sits around Stage 5/slightly Stage 6. Stage 5 recognises the evaluation of evidence and that knowledge is contextual and subjective. In Stage 6, 'interpretations are subject to critique' Summary of Reflective… n.d., table 3), which the blogger acknowledges with 'if I'm wrong, please let me know' (19/6/06 post). But their judgment is also backed with evidence (examples of ‘Beauty spots’, ‘Events’ and ‘Citizen journalists/photobloggers’).

Both blogs’ different stages on the Reflective Judgment Model are higlighted when comparing them. While both make judgments based on evidence and idiosyncratic reasons, only ACD blog constructs their judgments by evaluating the evidence and recognising that it is open to questioning. However, both blogs can be categorised as interpretive criticism (according to Attoe). This is due to their subjective stance, where they are the sole ‘interpreter for the viewer’ (Methods… n.d., p1).

ACD blog’s subjectivity also contains ‘autobiographical turns’, as described by Baker (‘Flying…’ 1997). The ‘personal criticisms’, such as ‘No, it is not permitted to photograph the carnival’ (19/6/06 post) persuade the reader because it could easily happen to them. This blog has an unrestricted style of writing, coined ‘fabulation’ by Baker (‘Flying…’ 1997, p68), with a mix of facts, personal reflections and fictive reflections. The blogger has worked against the ‘proper’ and is not scared by censorship - ‘am I allowed to shine a laser into them (CCTV cameras)?’ (19/6/06 post). In fact, this blog almost meets Baker’s definition of design criticism at its best – ‘fictive, vindictive, and improper’ (‘Flying…’ 1997, p76).

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